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The Vedic sciences are a perfect science because they deal...

By Yogi Ashwini Ji

A clear cut sign of success of yagya is the appearance of the devpurush. It can be in the form of Om, a divine syllable or god or goddess or even form of your Guru. When these manifestations happen and the yagya is smokeless, you will know that the yagya is successful. At Dhyan Ashram, we click pictures of yagyas and you will notice that they are not edited or morphed. Also there is no smoke emitting from the fire. These indicate purity of the sadhak where the bhav (thought), which is most important, is also there. These five composites make the yagya complete where divine manifestations happen which can be used for good health, purification of environment or for your upliftment.

So a pure composition of yagyas and keeping the body alkaline results in good health and ensures you do not die in pain but leave the body in happiness, with satisfaction in what you’ve done, at will, into higher dimensions. The vedic sciences should be taken very seriously because they are the basis of the entire manifested and unmanifested creation.

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