March 2019 \ Interviews \ Cover Story: Information Technology
“At Interra IT, quality and value are buzzwords”

The journey of Asoke K Laha, President and MD of Interra Information Technologies...

Over the years you’d have addressed thousands of employees, some of whom may have gone on to become entrepreneurs themselves. They say the employee- entrepreneurs are the ones who add maximum value to companies. Could you tell us about some of the traits that such enterprising employees display, that make them a cut above?

Yes of course. I have seen and taken an active role in grooming many employees into becoming successful entrepreneurs later. In my mind a successful entrepreneur is someone who treats opportunities of growth like any businessman would do. He or she will not be limited to a role of nine to five order taker. They are extremely disciplined and focused and work long hours to always exceed the expectations. These people have what we call the fire in the belly. That fuels them. All of them have exhibited most of the characteristics of Virat Kohli. I subscribe to a very interesting management concept which asks every employee to work as an individualized corporation in the organization. The company will provide a forum and an umbrella while each person will play a role of entrepreneur to his or her best ability. 

In one of your interviews you spoke about a bookstore owner who showed no signs of being deflated by the influx of online book sales. Do you sincerely believe that in the long run traditional businesses will be able to co-exist alongside businesses transacted across digital platforms?

Yes I do. Technology always will evolve itself to new heights. The traditional business has to adjust itself to these innovations. But at the same time some of the traditional, older businesses will flourish and survive in the new ecology too. The customer is not primarily bothered what technology or tools you may be using. He or she wants the best product and the best service. Printed books and e books are running parallel to each other in the market. Both have their loyal users. Technology is of great importance but a business grows on the basis of its delivery of the service and the products for the users. Isn’t it! I personally purchase hardcopies from book store to read in relaxing environment: on the other hand I purchase books from Apple Book store to be read in my IPad when I am travelling.