March 2019 \ Interviews \ Cover Story: Information Technology
“At Interra IT, quality and value are buzzwords”

The journey of Asoke K Laha, President and MD of Interra Information Technologies...

Would it be fair to say that “quality” and “value” are the twin buzzwords in your company, Interra Information Technologies? If so, could you kindly elaborate?

Yes absolutely. In my whole career which was mostly spent in the US, I have always worked in companies which focused on these two words. I have always followed the same in my own organization InterraIT. I would say with us or any good business, customer is king. It’s this supreme customer centric mindset which demands an uncompromising attention to Quality and Value, mind you, with capital Q and capital V. 

Why is it so crucial to assess the demands of the marketplace for a budding Entrepreneur?

Any business loses steam and meaning if it is not connected with the market which provides the revenue. Like a plant without the soil around it a business gets irrelevant and dies its natural death without a real time connect with the market including observation and analysis of the dynamic market place. Classic example is introduction of IPhone by Steve Jobs eleven years ago: he accurately predicted the needs of customers.

Communication skills or interpersonal skills? Which one in the long run would you want to see more in employees, given that they are competent and have high skills set…? And why?

I do not view them as different and unrelated to each other. Communication skills include interpersonal skills to a significant extent. I would rather combine communication with leadership skills which make it cover a whole gamut of human relations and interface area including interpersonal exchanges. IT today requires not merely technology skills but high level of communication skills to procure, serve and augment business in diversifying global market. However, I give more importance to effective communication skills to brilliant skills. In my company we have a vibrant Toastmasters club which help people develop these skills in a non threatening self learning environment.