March 2019 \ Interviews \ Cover Story: Information Technology
“At Interra IT, quality and value are buzzwords”

The journey of Asoke K Laha, President and MD of Interra Information Technologies...

As President of the NSEZ Entrepreneurs Association and leadership roles in various industry bodies what is that key area that you address for making Indian Businesses globally more competitive?

I think we should concentrate on Quality and competitive Cost both. With India’s skills and resources we can play a leadership role globally with these two main criteria met. 

Given that you work across continents, and have a jet-setting lifestyle, how do you relax?

I have been an avid and voracious reader since early years. Reading is my relaxation apart from occasional private travelling.

With such a riot of information on the internet and with people getting easily hooked on to stuff that steals away one’s time without any meaningful gains, what advice would you give your readers on how to separate the wheat from the chaff…?

I myself believe in focus in life. I advise the same to my team members too. You cannot go ahead in life without prioritizing your tasks. Internet or any archive or library for that matter, is only a database. What you will need and select from there is only up to you. So if you have some target in life you have to use internet with that in mind. Otherwise you will lose time, get confused or deluged by unnecessary data. I personally do not spend too much time in social media. Time is most precious and one must know how to utilize them properly and effectively.