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Mongolia amends its 1992 democratic Constitution for the second time

Proposed changes and amendments to the new democratic ...

By Chanrav Burenbayar
  • Confirmation document-Constitutional amendment, November 18

Proposed changes and amendments to the new democratic Constitution of Mongolia, which was adopted in 1992, were a matter of prolonged debate since it was once amended in 1999. These amendments have gone down in history as “seven compromising changes and amendments that degenerated the Constitution.”

The latest changes and amendments to the Constitution were unanimously adopted by the Mongolian Parliament on 14 November 2019and it was officially endorsed by the President of Mongolia Kh. Battulga on 26 November. This event coincided with the 95th anniversary of the Proclamation of the Mongolian People’s Republic in 1924 when the first Constitution of the country was promulgated.

The present State Ikh Khural (as the Mongolian Parliament is called) was the seventh highest legislature of the country, since the democratic transformations in 1990, to consider and adopt the draft changes and amendments. The MPs spent 158 days deliberating the draft and the debate around the proposed Constitutional amendments involved the entire nation.

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