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Mongolia amends its 1992 democratic Constitution for the second time

Proposed changes and amendments to the new democratic ...

By Chanrav Burenbayar

The latest Constitutional changes and amendments were made after the matter had been a subject of discourse for more than 20 years, and afterthe previous four proposed draft changes and amendments passed through the last three parliaments. This marathon discussion evolving around the matter reflects thatthe need for changes and amendments to the Constitution was an expectation, wishes and desire, and a social demand not only by the lawmakers, but also by scholars and researchers, and the citizens of the country as a whole.

A brief glimpse into history
96 years ago on 26 November 1924, delegates from all around the country, from all aimags (provinces), shabi—clerical districts and banners, converged on Niislel Khuree, as the present-day Ulaanbaatar was then called, for their first assembly and spent 15 days considering the First Constitution of Mongolia, which did away with monarchy and serfdom to proclaim a Republic. The first Constitution of Mongolia was promulgated on 26 November 1924, which is today celebrated solemnly as a public holiday.Since, the country, until 1992, adopted and enacted Constitutions in 1940 and 1962, which consolidated the process of socialism with centralized economy, which was rejected in 1992 with the country’s transition to democracy and freemarket, and upholding the principle of human rights.