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Mongolia amends its 1992 democratic Constitution for the second time

Proposed changes and amendments to the new democratic ...

By Chanrav Burenbayar
  • A professional Government will be put in place, which will function on the principles of the Cabinet system. This change would ensure that the government is stable, and it would be given the opportunity to carry through its policy programmes. In other words, it would now be the responsibility of the Prime Minister to form his/her government after submitting his/her proposal on the Cabinet composition to both the Parliament and the President, that is, the Prime Minister will appoint and relieve Cabinet members, who would take oath in the Parliament before taking office.
  •  A balanced judiciary will be put in place granting more independence and autonomy to the judiciary.
  • The administrative and territorial system will be streamlined, and the legal basis would be laid for self-governance by towns and villages.
  • Of the seven changes and amendments to the 1992 Constitution, two were rejected, which included a proposal on conducting Parliamentary elections using both the majoritarian and proportional systems, and on granting voters the rights to vote for the nominated candidate as well as the candidates included in the party list.

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