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“People don’t really punish good brands”

In an interview with IANS, Amit Syngle, MD and CEO, Asian ...

By Sanjeev Sharma

So at this point, it would be a little bit of a task to convince people on how safe painting is, how to get it done in household, etc. so what kind of measures are you taking for that?

You're right. Given the environment, there is paranoia and a mental block on whether one should let someone inside their house for painting. Also, painting is more like a discretionary spend now. But we have been doing a series of work in that area.

We are looking at first building the capability in our painters and contractors so they can offer a safe service to the customers while safeguarding their health as well. Therefore, we released two digital ads from the point of view of telling the customers that the sites will be handled in a completely hygienic and sanitized manner and empowering the painter as well with protective gear and safety protocols which they will follow as per Asian Paints' Safe Painting Service guidelines.

The second part which we just did is release a consumer film which talks of how safe our Safe Painting Service is. As a responsible and caring brand, we felt that it was our responsibility to break the paranoia in the customers' minds by proactively looking at providing assurance to our customers by supplementing the Asian Paints Painting service with Safety and Hygiene protocols.

The initial response to this film has been great. We are getting a lot of inquiries and leads especially from the T3, T4, and some T2 cities. People are wanting to get their homes painted. So I think we are going in the right direction in terms of opening up peoples' minds and getting them ready about painting their homes.

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