November 2020 \ Interviews \ COVER STORY—INDIA AND AFGHANISTAN
“Afghans appreciate India’s stance in supporting their cause”

In this interview with India Empire Magazine’s Editor and Publisher Sayantan Chakravarty, Mr Tahir Qadiry, Chargé D’ Affaires, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in India and Co-Chairperson IAF (India-Afghanistan Foundation), speaks on wide-ranging issues, including a subject that has the entire world’s attention—the peace process in Afghanistan and the dialogue that started with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar ...

Notwithstanding the Taliban’s past record of grave and recurrent violence against their own people, abject cruelty towards women, their patronizing of the drug culture and their utter disdain for democratic and civil norms, our experts are rooting for India to change its stance toward it. As someone who would have closely watched the situation developing on the ground, what is your view?

What I can truly say is that India has been standing by the Afghan Government. India’s position has been clear, it supports Afghanistan’s democratic values and it wishes to preserve all the gains we’ve made in the last 18-19 years. India’s proactive engagement is very much appreciated by the Central Government in Afghanistan as well as the people of our country.

Islamabad has accused New Delhi of supporting terrorist groups in Afghanistan who are alleged to carry out cross-border attacks in Pakistan. It gives a false impression that India is not interested in bringing real peace in the region. What are your views on this?

What I’d like to say is that we’re closely observing everything. India supports an enduring peace. India’s role has been very clear to the world. That is why Dr Abdullah was here. India and Afghanistan have common democratic values. India has been supporting an Afghan-led, Afghan controlled and Afghan owned peace process.