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Bangladesh-India ties beyond strategic partnership: New Indian envoy

Mr Vikram Doraiswami, the new Indian High Commissioner ...


In this spirit, Mr Doraiswami began his service to this partnership by paying homage to the heroes who brought the two nations to this point in history. The envoy said that he and his colleagues will spare no effort to promote the partnership between Bangladesh and India at all levels. “We will also be the best possible advocates for this partnership with all agencies and entities, on both sides. This mandate reflects the approach of our government, where fraternal ties with Bangladesh are one of our highest priorities.”

The Bangladesh-India relationship is based on shared sacrifice, history and culture, and on the uniquely close ties of kinship, he said, adding: “I want to underline this point; there is not, and will never be, a diminution of the highest level of importance that Bangladesh holds in India. “You faced the harshest of oppression on your own, with unique courage and heroism, unmindful of high death tolls and the barbaric mistreatment of sisters and mothers.

“Your Liberation War remains an inspiration to the world. It will always be our abiding honour to have offered you our support, just as we in India offer your bravery our respectful salute.” In response to a question, Mr Doraiswami said India is committed to partnership with Bangladesh on all aspects of vaccine development, including phase-III trial, co-production and delivery—in a way Bangladesh government is comfortable with.