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Bangladesh-India ties beyond strategic partnership: New Indian envoy

Mr Vikram Doraiswami, the new Indian High Commissioner ...


“We would love to do this in a way that ensures the most affordable price. We will be in discussion with your government. I hope to raise it and understand from your government how you proceed.” The envoy said he would like to see the completion of the connectivity projects at the earliest and ensure that those give necessary returns to the people of Bangladesh. He also said he would also like more Indian businesses coming to Bangladesh and investing. He said he will try to bring mutually acceptable solutions to all the issues, including border killing and water sharing of the common rivers.

Mr Doraiswami also said that Bangladesh is today equally respected for the remarkable improvements it has recorded in social indices and India equally salutes its sustained economic growth at the fastest pace in South Asia.

“With it, we appreciate your world-famous spirit of warmth and hospitality. Today, no matter whether it is the economic success forged under the statesmanship of Her Excellency Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, or the never-say-die spirit of the Tigers on the cricket pitch, the world sees Bangladesh with new respect.

“And we, as your closest neighbour, rejoice in this well-deserved recognition,” Mr Doraiswami added.