March 2016 \ Diaspora News \ ROMAS
“Children of India”

For economic uplift of the Roma people, it also called for provision of micro finance facility to young Roma entrepreneurs. "Economic relations between India and Romani people should be encouraged. Romani people should be invited to contribute and be a part of India's development process in a mutually beneficial manner," it said. The resolution also called on Indian human rights organisations to take up the issues of violation of human rights of Romani people with all national and international agencies. Gina Rubik, niece of Enro Rubik, inventor of the Rubik's Cube, said: "We the Roma are of Hindustani origin."

Gina speaks fluent Hindi and sang two of the Hindi songs she has written. "Yadoon ki kahani" (Story of Memories) is written in memory of the bomb blast victims in India, and the second, "Dehshatgardi ka khaatma" (The end of terror), offers a solution against hate and anger which has hindered the peace process in the subcontinent.