November 2016 \ Arts & Entertainment \ JOURNEY WITH A HIMALAYAN MASTER SWAMI RAMA
Excerpts from Preface

This book is an account of my journey in search of the ultimate truth and a sincere desire to share some of the spiritual experiences I have had in my life.

There are a number of reasons for this need to tell the story of my spiritual life. I’m just an ordinary person, from a very ordinary family with an uneventful childhood and young adult life, yet I’ve done and experienced things the average person probably only dreams about. As such I would like the people, especially the young people, who read this book to realise that nothing is impossible. And finally, I would like to assure those readers who are seeking enlightenment that the Gods and higher forces will grant you their grace if you are a genuine seeker.Swami Ritavan Bharati is honoured by Baba Ramdev in the presence of Dr Vijay Dhasmana

I was at a point in my life in year 2000 where I needed to rethink my goals and aims for the future. I had become increasingly torn by feelings that I had not been doing what I was meant to do with my life, and that this is not the path that my spiritual guru had meant for me, although he had put me on it for certain reasons. As a result, there was a feeling of dissatisfaction, not only with myself, but also with the environment I was in at that moment. The wish to spend more of my time and energies doing something for Malaysia and its people, to give some of what I’ve been blessed with to those less fortunate, had become a driving need. Yet I felt there was still more I could achieve in the business world and was reluctant to give up everything I had worked hard to build thus far. I had achieved what I set out to do, but the question now was whether I was ready to give it all up and focus on an entirely new area.