November 2016 \ Arts & Entertainment \ JOURNEY WITH A HIMALAYAN MASTER SWAMI RAMA
Excerpts from Preface

This book is an account of my journey in search of the ultimate truth and a sincere desire to share some of the spiritual experiences I have had in my life.

Baba Ramdev released a DVD on Nada Bindu

All of us are seeking something in life and I am no exception. Whether it is the pursuit of material wealth, or pleasure or God, we are always looking for more from life. We constantly want something or other, and even on the deathbed we find it hard to let go. I’ve not met many who can truly say they are satisfied and they have enough. Of course there are people who have remained static, but that does not mean they are happy about it. I am, if anything, more driven by ambition than the average person, for I have always wanted to be the best. I did not have to make any effort to cultivate this passion for perfection. It has been a part of me as far back as I can remember. Whatever I did I had to give it my best. The outcome was not important, but the satisfaction that I had carried out the task to the best of my ability was, even if I achieved only 50 or 60 percent of what I had set out to do. But usually the results have been good, whether because of luck, or divine help or just the extra edge from having given my best to the endeavour. I’ve tried to analyse this need to excel and believe it might be the reason why I have been able to achieve surprising results in almost everything I have done so far. It might also be the reason for my restlessness and the need to keep moving on to further and more challenging horizons.