September 2021 \ Diaspora News \ COVER STORY—DIPLOMATIC INTERVIEW
“India attaches considerable importance to relations with the Caribbean”

India continues to attach considerable importance ...

  • Ambassador Virendra Gupta

Ambassador Virendra Gupta, President, ARSP and former Indian High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago

You’ve helmed India’s Mission in Port of Spain as High Commissioner. Can you let us know about India’s Caribbean policy then, and whether you see a shift in present times?

India continues to attach considerable importance to its relations with the Caribbean countries. We have a strong cultural and people-to-people connect with these countries. Most of them are former British colonies and as such are part of the Commonwealth. India has an opportunity to work closely with them in that important forum.

Why is the West Indies important for India?

Cricket is a popular sport in Caribbean countries and that provides a strong bonding glue with the West Indies for people in India. Politically, these countries undertake a lot of coordination and take unified positions on global issues, as part of CARICOM (a grouping of 15 member countries and 5 dependent territories as associate members) and it is important for India to work closely with these countries. Their support would also be crucial in any meaningful movement on the question of permanent membership of UNSC for India.