September 2020 \ Diaspora News \ POLITICAL COLUMN: LORD RAMI RANGER

The tragedy of Sikhs is that they have not found a leader ...

By Lord Rami Ranger CBE

Ironically, Mr Pannu, unlike Bhindrawale, carries an American Passport and Citizenship, and yet he feels for the Sikhs of Punjab. Should he not come to Punjab and lead the Sikhs personally as our Gurus did when they were fighting against the tyranny of Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb? I am sure he will find out that the Sikhs of Punjab do not have the appetite to once again bring lawlessness into Punjab. They are still suffering the consequence of an unelected, self-appointed leader who claimed to get the Sikhs more rights than the elected Chief Minister of Punjab and what Sikhs were entitled to in a secular and democratic country, India.

Mr Pannu’s vision is to go against that of the Sikh Gurus by contradicting their philosophy. Where the Sikh Gurus believed in the oneness of the human race, Mr Pannu believes that the Sikhs are a different race and also have a different DNA to that of the rest of Indians. Sikh Gurus dedicated their lives and paid supreme sacrifices to unite us with the rest of humankind, there Mr Pannu is trying to divide us by peddling hatred against non-Sikhs of Punjab. Sikh Gurus gave us a faith which is based on interfaith teachings to demonstrate that we are all equal. Mr Pannu’s ideology is to deny non-Sikhs of Punjab equality by proclaiming that Punjab only belongs to the Sikhs. In other words, he wishes to repeat what the Muslims of India did in 1947 by declaring Hindus, Sikhs and Christians second class in the country of their birth and that of their forefathers. We all know the death and destruction that this caused in the country where people once lived side by side in perfect harmony regardless of religion. They had shared history, heritage, folklore, food, language etc. The same people have now become arch enemies and have had four bloody wars since their division with further loss of precious lives. Who knows if the area becomes a nuclear flashpoint someday such is the hatred that religious disharmony can cause.