September 2020 \ Diaspora News \ POLITICAL COLUMN: LORD RAMI RANGER

The tragedy of Sikhs is that they have not found a leader ...

By Lord Rami Ranger CBE

I can guarantee that Mr Pannu can expect to be arrested the minute he lands in India. Instead of ruling Khalistan, he will end up spending the rest of his life in a prison somewhere in India. He will be lynched by the Sikhs who are suffering because of his anti-India rhetoric. As they say, “common sense is not so common”, and Mr Pannu certainly has no common sense to realise that he has become a foolish friend of the Sikhs; a friend we rather not have. He does not appreciate how less than 2% of Sikhs have given India, with a population of over a billion, a President, Prime Minister, Army, Air Force and Navy Chiefs; how Sikhs have businesses across India and how Sikh farmers are in UP, Gujarat, Tamil Naidu, Haryana and Rajasthan and how Sikhs have transport and freight businesses across India.

I hope and pray that a good sense will prevail and Mr Pannu apologises to the Sikhs Gurus for embarrassing them along with their followers for pursuing an agenda alien to them.

—The author is Chairman, The British Sikh Associations (