September 2020 \ Diaspora News \ POLITICAL COLUMN: LORD RAMI RANGER

The tragedy of Sikhs is that they have not found a leader ...

By Lord Rami Ranger CBE

Mr Pannu believes in destroying the diversity of Punjab by making Sikhs superior to the rest of the Punjabis just because they follow a different faith. He will one day advocate the removal of teachings from the Granth Sahib of non-Sikhs to make it written by only the Sikhs. He cannot imagine how people abandoned Pakistan when the majority population of Muslims made them second class to Muslims.

Thousand innocent Sikhs were massacred in the communal riots. It is unfortunate that a so-called ‘Saint’, a man of peace and harmony, could inflict massive damage to the image of Sikhs in India by considering himself to be over and above the rule of law

People left their every possession to move to India, where the constitution gave them equality. Mr Pannu thinks no Hindu in business or Industry will leave Punjab when he arrives with his team of lacklustre Sikhs to proclaim Khalistan and to make them inferior. Once there is an exodus of people leaving Punjab for Rajasthan, Haryana or UP, then what will remain in Punjab? Sikhs will be treated as second class in the rest of India, the very country their Gurus and followers help to preserve as we see it today. I hate to imagine if Sikhs are thrown out of the rest of India, how Mr Pannu and his gang will accommodate displaced Sikhs in Punjab and provide them suitable jobs. How will he be able to look after the Sikhs from the Indian Army, Air Force, Navy, Police, etc.?