September 2020 \ Business & Investment \ BUSINESS INTERVIEW:GAUTAM SINGHANIA
‘Be Indian, Buy Indian’

By Sanjeev Sharma
  • Mr Gautam Hari Singhania

“I strongly believe in Be Indian and Buy Indian, and I think each one should make a conscious decision to buy products made in our country,” said Gautam Hari Singhania, Chairman and Managing Director, Raymond Limited, India’s largest textile and apparel brand. In an interview with IANS, Singhania said India is a very large economy with 1.3 billion people. “While the world looks at us as a market, I think we should look within for our products which are best in the world,” he added.

“I believe, Be Indian Buy Indian will help revive local consumption,” he said. “We need to come up with something more suitable for our country that will empower us to give the much needed boost to our economy. “For instance, it is imperative for India to continue to host IPL matches on its soil to give fillip to the economy and sentiments of people of India as we are coming out of the impact of the pandemic. India can certainly handle such a high-profile sporting event, if UAE can,” Singhania said.

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