September 2020 \ Business & Investment \ BUSINESS INTERVIEW:GAUTAM SINGHANIA
‘Be Indian, Buy Indian’

By Sanjeev Sharma

How will it boost employment and manufacturing?

The government needs to proactively assess the situation and eliminate the bottlenecks in manufacturing. India has a massive employable workforce and there is a dire need for self-sufficiency in various industries to bring down trade deficit. In our economy like India needs a robust manufacturing sector. The need for creating a robust manufacturing sector is critical.

India must create one million jobs per month to capitalise on the demographic divide and manufacturing is the only activity that can provide livelihood opportunities to a huge chunk of the population outside of agriculture.

What are the changing consumer preferences seen during Covid-19?

As demand is reviving, we are witnessing the consumer having a clear preference for stronger known brands such as Raymond. Earlier when a consumer bought three shirts, he experimented with three brands. However, now when he buys one shirt he wants to go for a stronger brand because of the assured quality and I think that is a real opportunity for Raymond. There is an enhanced need for hygiene and greater adoption of digital interplay during the sales cycle.

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