September 2020 \ Business & Investment \ BUSINESS INTERVIEW:GAUTAM SINGHANIA
‘Be Indian, Buy Indian’

By Sanjeev Sharma

What is your take on the Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign?

I strongly believe in Be Indian and Buy Indian, and I think each one should make a conscious decision to buy products made in our country. India is a very large economy with 1.3 billion people. Whilst the world looks at us as a market, I think we look inside for our products which are best amongst the world. I am sure we can get out of the pandemic together stronger. Strong initiatives being taken by the Central Government and the confidence building driven by Prime Minister's "Atma Nirbhar" policy initiatives continue to ignite hope for an earlier than envisaged revival of our economy.

What does it mean for brands like Raymond?

We have always seen that, the stronger brand gets much stronger and the weaker one goes wayside. I always look at this as an opportunity. In our endeavour to battle the Covid-19 pandemic, Raymond has launched an exhaustive range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) offerings.

We are using our garmenting facilities in Bengaluru to manufacture PPE products (including masks and suits) which are currently being supplied to government, hospitals and other institutions. I am sure Raymond will come out much stronger by the end of this.

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