September 2020 \ Business & Investment \ BUSINESS INTERVIEW:GAUTAM SINGHANIA
‘Be Indian, Buy Indian’

By Sanjeev Sharma

“Having said that, at Raymond we have accelerated our pace of digital adoption and will be moving our channel and trade partners extensively onto digital platforms for trade bookings and other related activities,” Singhania said on the digital strategy. Stronger brands are expected to do better. “We have always seen that, the stronger brand gets much stronger and the weaker one goes wayside. I always look at this as an opportunity. In our endeavour to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, Raymond has launched an exhaustive range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) offerings. I am sure Raymond will come out much stronger by the end of this,” he added.

“As demand is reviving, we are witnessing the consumer having a clear preference for stronger known brands such as Raymond. Earlier when a consumer bought three shirts, he experimented with three brands. However, now when he buys one shirt he wants to go for a stronger brand because of the assured quality and I think that is a real opportunity for Raymond,” Singhania said. Here are the excerpts:

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