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The following is a synopsis of a Zoom public meeting ...

By Dr Kumar Mahabir

Retentions of culinary dishes, curry and kheesas [folktales]

However, remnants of traditional culture remain in the form of culinary dishes, curry and kheesas [folktales]. There is also the retention of the Who-Seh-Me-Seh dance which was part of the Shiite Muslim commemoration of Muharram.

However, it has been recreated in a Christian version in commemoration of the Ark of Covenant with the battle of Hassan and Hussein - grandsons of Prophet Muhammed - substituted for the fight between two brothers, Cain and Abel in the Bible. Indians still maintain their cultural ties to agriculture for home consumption, with surpluses sold in the market.

People of Indian Origin (PIO) in Belize now face the imminent danger of disappearance as an ethnic group, now numbering just 12,452 or 3.9 percent of the total population of 300,000. This tragic trend could be stemmed by conducting educational outreach programs to revive and strengthen Indian culture. A dating electronic service with members of the Indian Diaspora in the Caribbean should also be introduced. There is also a need for more networking with other cultural organisations in the region.

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