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We understand that India may be looking to import some coking coal from Mongolia. If that be the case in the future which port will be utilized for shipping across the seas?

Mongolia has vast land, richly endowed with resources including minerals. It is known to have found over 8,000 deposits that reveal a wide range of minerals. Thus, mining has become a major component of the economy and its products constitute a substantive part of export.

At the same time demand for ecologically responsible mining products is growing in the world market. India also imports coal, in particular coking coal, is willing to do so in coming years. At political level intentions have been expressed and experts from both sides discussed the characteristics of the particular product and various options for their transportation.

A Cabinet level committee and inter-sectoral working groups have been formed in Mongolia to chalk out coking coal export to India and related surveys for transportation, fiscal, technological and marketing exercises have been conducted.

Contacts with SAIL and RINL have been established and necessary information along with coking coal samples have been sent recently. Thus, we expect that experts will need to jointly develop and finalize necessary data on competitiveness, commercial terms, etc in coming weeks and months and select the itinerary and the ports. In case technical conclusions would come in a favorable way then practical steps will be taken accordingly.