“Age-old spiritual, historical and cultural bonds bind us”

Thank you. Prior to all I would like to extend ...

Since Buddhism was adopted in my country from India, many of our learned scholars had studied at the ancient centers of Buddhist studies such as Nalanda. Coming back to Mongolia after the attainment of high religious order they significantly contributed to the promotion of human values in their native land. Thus, I pay my heartfelt tributes to those Buddhist leaders and Masters who cultivated dharma and dhamma and brought our two nations closer as spiritual neighbors. Both Mongolia and India along with other Asian Buddhist countries marked the 50th Jubilee of the Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace which was initiated by two of our countries.

The present day world needs spiritual and moral empowerment for peace and tranquility. Thus it is worth to be underlined that the teachings of Gautam Buddha and Swami Vivekananda are more relevant and not only inspired the people for cultivation of wisdom but also for peaceful co-existence, mutual respect and togetherness.

Mongolians regard Bharat as a sacred land of dharma and a source of wisdom. These spiritual ties constitute another pillar of our close diplomatic reations. Once we get spiritually associated then at individual or international level bonds become more durable and long lasting.

Kindly throw some light on sutras that have been handed over by the Indian Government to Mongolia. Let our readers have some idea of their significance.