“Age-old spiritual, historical and cultural bonds bind us”

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Mongolia. For instance, a Buddha’s statue found in the tomb of a Uyghur nobleman is directly related to the time of the Uyghur empire (9th-10thcentury) in Tsagaan–Ovoo soum of Dornod province.

Based on these and other records, we can say that our ancestors were adopting the Buddha dharma from India through Sogdian and Uyghur in ancient times. Therefore Buddhism has prevailed in Mongolia and Indian culture and arts have also spread through its dharma since ancient times.

The 13th century’s famous annals “The Sacred History of Mongols’’ (Chapter 261 to 264) referred to India as Hindu or Hindustan and the river of Indus as Sindhi or a “Shine or New River’’. There are a large number of Sanskrit names and notions in the Mongolian vocabulary while places with thought provoking names in India such as Mangolpuri, Mongolbad and Mongoloor, etc.