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“The intra-Afghan peace process cannot ignore an undeniable force that has emerged in Afghanistan’s recent history: women’s demands for a future Afghanistan that respects and promotes their human rights are stronger than ever”, said Ms. Ingrid Hayden, the Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan. “Afghan women need commitments and action to ensure their participation and the continued protection of their human rights in an inclusive Afghanistan. This intra-Afghan peace process is the opportunity for that”, said Ms. Hayden.

The study found that women’s participation in peace efforts is vital to sustain peace in Afghanistan, and that both the government and the international community must play an active role in supporting women’s seats at the table and their meaningful participation. Interviews reveal that so far, the role of women has been mainly symbolic. However, women have found creative ways to maximise what they can do in the confines of the space where they operate. This includes basic awareness-raising about peace, but also engaging in direct talks with anti-government elements.

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