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GOPIO Profiles

Dr Thomas Abraham Founder President and presently Chairman, GOPIO

Dr Pradip Sewoke
GOPIO International Coordinator, Europe

He is Founder and former President of GOPIO Belfort, France and Co-Chairperson of GOPIO Health and Wellness Council. Currently he is Chairman of Young Cardiologist Association of FRANCHE-COMTE, France, Co-Director of Department of Interventional Cardiology, Diaconat Clinic, Mulhouse, France, Member of French Society of Cardiologist and member of European Society of Interventional Cardiologist. His major accomplishments and achievements for GOPIO include being Co-Founder member of GOPIO Paris North Chapter- October 2014, Member of Organizing team for successful Centenary celebration for GADAR Movement - Paris France December 2014, helped in establishing GOPIO Francophone chapters in French Guyana 2015, France Nantes, Cameroun 2015.

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