January 2019 \ Diaspora News \ DIASPORA—WEST COAST, USA

Dr Harvinder Sahota, world renowned cardiologist from Laguna Beach, California, shares his impression with Editor and Publisher Sayantan Chakravarty ...

On December 8, I was Chief Guest at my alma mater, DAV College Jalandhar which was celebrating its 100th anniversary and alumni from different batches had got together. The ambience was very friendly and welcoming. We were very well taken care of by DAV Principal Dr S K Arora and by the main organizer Dr P K Sharma. I met pass outs from earlier times and felt nostalgic about my student days at the College where I did by F.Sc in 1959 before moving to the Patiala Medical College. A dear friend, DrHarbhajan Singh Girgla, a classmate from my Patiala Medical College days, and his family were kind enough to come from Delhi and spend time with us.

The next day, December 9, we set out for the Golden Temple in Amritsar. The Temple is to the Sikhs what Vatican is to the Christians. I was overwhelmed by the very large number of worshippers who were paying their respect to Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh Holy Book.