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ReNew Power in April announced that it will contribute ....

In addition, Samsung employees across India are putting together their personal contribution. The company said it will match the employee contribution and donate the total amount to the PM Cares Fund in the coming weeks.

“Over the last few weeks, Samsung India teams have engaged with various governments, local authorities, and healthcare professionals to prepare a broad and meaningful strategy in the fight against Covid-19,” the company said in a statement. The company is supporting local administration and community in Noida, where it has provided hospitals with medical equipment required in the preventive drive against the pandemic. So far, Samsung has provided thousands of preventive masks and personal preventive equipment (PPE) kits to hospitals. “We are also supporting the authorities at hospitals and at other facilities by providing a large number of infra-red thermometers and public address systems. Along with these, air purifiers that are vital to improve the ambient air quality in medical facilities, are also being provided,” said the company.