“We aim to strengthen and deepen the rural economy”

NCDC is a leading development financing ...

NCDC has been playing a key role in investment loan, term loan, margin money to cooperatives for diversification and modernization of cooperatives. Kindly talk us through this empowering process.

NCDC assists cooperatives to meet their margin money /working capital requirement for business operation, for creation of infrastructure/ expansion/ renovation/ modernization for all types including small scale cottage and village industries, handicrafts, allied industries, cane and bamboo units, coir units, etc.

The Integrated Cooperative Development Project (ICDP), a flagship programme of NCDC, is an integrated area-based approach taking into account the local needs and resources. The scheme aims at development of cooperatives in agriculture and allied sectors, transforming cooperatives as multi-purpose entities so as to enable the cooperatives to cater to the overall needs of rural communities.

The loan component of the assistance is provided out of own funds of NCDC, while the subsidy is provided from outlay, earmarked under the CSISAC and other Central Sector Schemes. Subsidy is provided subject to availability from the Government of India.

We understand that Sahakar-22 is a Mission Mode activity of the NCDC launched by the Hon’ble Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare. This should go a long way in doubling farmers’ income. How will it work on the ground?

Sahakar-22 a mission mode activity of NCDC was launched by the Hon’ble Union Minister of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare on 28.02.2018 to achieve the Mission of New India by 2022 through Cooperatives for doubling the farmers’ income. The programme aims at overall development of the districts by way of identification of viable sectors for funding both in farm and non-farm sectors. Handholding is provided wherever needed. The funding for the projects will be liberal with

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