“We aim to strengthen and deepen the rural economy”

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The NCDC has launched the Organic Milk Mission in the North-Eastern part of India. What does it plan to achieve in the longer-term?

NCDC focus on the North Eastern Region is exemplified in projects such as the Meghalaya Milk Mission launched in June 2019 by Hon’ble Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Hon’ble Governor Meghalaya, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Meghalaya and Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister Meghalaya. NCDC sanctioned Rs. 215.48 crore to the Government of Meghalaya for induction of cattle, setting up of dairy farms, strengthening of milk chilling infrastructure and manpower development and training of personnel.

In July 2019, Hon’ble Agriculture Minister and Hon’ble Commerce and Industry Minister had announced that NCDC would steer an Export Promotion Body for Cooperative Sector. A National Cooperative Exports Promotion Council (COOPEXCIL) has been set up under stewardship of NCDC


The aim of the project is to encourage rearing of high yielding indigenous milch cows, by educating and training farmers in breeding and genetic upgradation of the local cows over a period of years by forming cooperatives and supplying milk to the union through cold chain. It envisages that around 10,000 cows, indigenous breeds will be provided to 2000 farmers of the Dairy Cooperative Society. 

As MD of this prestigious organization, how do you plan to take the vision and mission of the organization forward?

We aim at re-energizing the cooperative movement in the country for strengthening and deepening the rural economy and prosperity. NCDC would continue to play an important role in the overall economic growth of the country.

For farmers to realise better prices for their output, NCDC will address the critical gaps in infrastructure and credit access. Another important area identified is the need to ensure that cooperatives at all levels are trained in digital and data analytics including cyber security, data collection and analysis and risk management. NCDC has taken the initiative to form a Cyber Security Forum with representatives from cooperatives at all levels and action has been taken to draw up guidelines to be followed.

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