“We aim to strengthen and deepen the rural economy”

NCDC is a leading development financing ...

In July 2019, Hon’ble Agriculture Minister and Hon’ble Commerce and Industry Minister had announced that NCDC would steer an Export Promotion Body for Cooperative Sector. A National Cooperative Exports Promotion Council (COOPEXCIL) has been set up under stewardship of NCDC. 

In the modern context it becomes imperative to upgrade the skill sets of the staff and officers of any organization. How does NCDC focus on this significant area?

The Corporation recognizes that its employees are its key asset and an important resource. Training and skill upgradation is a continuous process in NCDC which has enhanced and improved on-the-job performance. The business operations of NCDC have evolved over the years and upgradation of skills on employees on best practices in the area of operation has enhanced their performance at the workplace. Side by side regular workshops are organised on life skills to enable employees maintain work life balance.

NCDC has a training policy framework which aims at improving professionally competent to understand cooperatives, assess their needs, guide them to identify projects, extend finance to set up projects and guide cooperatives to manage them successfully.Another important area identified as a financial services provider, is training in digital and data analytics include cyber security, data collection and analysis and risk management.

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