“My relationship with Gurudev is intense and intimate”

Groomed directly by Swami Rama, one of the greatest sages of the Himalayas, Dr Vijay Dhasmana, the Vice Chancellor of the SRHU, oversees daily activities at what is the largest medical campus in the state of Uttarakhand. He speaks to India Empire magazine’s Editor and Publisher Sayantan Chakravarty in an interview from Dehradun

Please tell us about your own self, and your association with the Great Master, Swami Rama…

It is with nostalgia that I narrate my association with Gurudev. I was in the eighth standard when my father received a message that Gurudev wanted him to bring me to meet him. The first time ever when I met him, he immediately hugged me and said “Beta, I had been waiting for you”. Gurudev, told my father that from that very moment, he need not worry about me and my future. Swami ji handed over a cheque to my father to open an account in my name and instructed him that the amount should only be utilized for my education.

I would say I am the privileged one from the Dhasmana family to have been adopted by Gurudev at the age of 13 (thirteen). My relationship with Gurudev is intense, intimate and indescribable. He has been taking care of me throughout my entire life, i.e my education in India and abroad including the transition from baal ashram to grahastha ashram.

I firmly believe that there is a deep karmic bond between Gurudev and me for him to have handpicked me. He mentored me and shaped my life. He entrusted me with the huge responsibility of leading the organization for the past 25 years together with the other members of the Presidential Body. None of this would have been possible without his continued guidance and the tremendous support of the extremely dedicated and devoted disciples of Gurudev, some of whom are a part of our Governing Body and live on campus.

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