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The oil refinery, besides the basic process facilities, will also have the following sub-facilities:

  •  Power plant,
  • Crude oil source – pipeline,
  • Crude oil storage, repair and maintenance, find product storage facilities,
  • Waste water treatment plant,
  • Loading and unloading facilities.

Basic showings of the oil refinery

  • Production Capacity: 1.5 million MT per annum
  • Project Site: Altanshiree soum, Dornogobi aimag
  • Crude Oil Source: Toson Uul XIX and Tamsag XXI crude oil fields
  • Final Products: Liquefied gas, petrol, aircraft fuel, diesel fuel, and stove fuel
  • Product Quality: ?NSStandard / EuroV Standard
  • Deep Processing Technology: Hydrocracking

Oil Refinery Projects Financed by the Government of Mongolia

The Government of Mongolia, since 2018 has been implementing a set of measures to ensure the preparation for the construction of the oil refinery. In this respect, the following infrastructure projects on the site were completed within 2 years: